Welcome to the Town of Archer Lodge

The Town of Archer Lodge is a small town in northwestern Johnston County in the State of North Carolina. The Archer Lodge community has been in existence for over 150 years. Please visit the History page for documents detailing the history of the community.

In early 2007 a movement began to try to incorporate the area of Archer Lodge. After two years of hard work, the NC Legislature passed a bill incorporating Archer Lodge based on the outcome of a referendum. The vote was held on November 3, 2009 and it passed. The vote was made official one week later and Archer Lodge became North Carolina’s newest town on November 10, 2009.

This site was created to disseminate information to the citizens of Archer Lodge. It is also designed to inform visitors and potential new citizens of all that Archer Lodge has to offer.

We are happy to announce the opening of our CivicWeb Portal!!!

We pride ourselves on being accessible to all our citizens, and providing information to people as easily as possible. Through our CivicWeb Portal you will be able to subscribe to meeting updates, search documents (such as meeting minutes) and even find out when our next meeting is scheduled. See below for more information about what you can do in our CivicWeb Portal.

Review the Meeting Calendar

By visiting the Calendar you can review the dates and times of different meetings that are scheduled. If the agenda has been published, the calendar will include a link to the meeting documents.

View Meeting Details

Visit the Meetings page to view the types of meetings held at the Town of Archer Lodge. Each meeting type will also include links to recently published meeting documents.

Search our Online Library

Our CivicWeb Portal has a built in search function that allows you to enter keywords and search for documents related to your keywords. This is especially useful when looking for a specific document or information on a specific topic, such as a bylaw or ordinance.

Subscribe to Meeting Updates

Also included in the Portal is the ability to sign up for automatic email notifications. When an agenda or minutes packet is published, you can receive an email notice, containing a link to the published documents.

Need help using one of the tools on our CivicWeb Portal?

Visit our Help section by clicking on Help in the top right corner, then select CivicWeb Help from the drop down.